July 2017 Issue 07 Nomad Internet Marketing Magazine

July 2017 Issue 07 Nomad Internet Marketing Magazine


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July 2017 Issue 07 Nomad Internet Marketing Magazine.

This issue is chock full of great marketing tips, case studies and numerous great internet marketing news articles.

List Building Money Making Machines, Part III

How to Get Super-Targeted Facebook Traffic on Demand

This month we’re continuing our four-part series on how to build your own business using a lead magnet, a squeeze page and Facebook.

First we started with creating the perfect lead magnet that targets your audience and makes them sign onto your list.

Next we covered exactly how to build a squeeze page or landing page that gets those visitors to say, “YES! Add me to your list NOW!”

Today in our third installment, we’re going to cover how to get as much traffic as you want from Facebook. And of course you’re going to send this traffic to your squeeze page to build your targeted list big and fast.

Once you have learned all three of these skills, you can literally go into any market and create a list building machine in just days.

Better still, you can take it one step further and build a complete product funnel behind your lead magnet, offering a tripwire (low ticket) offer, followed by your main offer, followed by a big ticket item.

In fact we are going to cover all of that in our final installment of the series coming next month...

News, Resources, Etc.

Flashdance Gorilla and 5 More Viral Video Examples

Have you seen the Flashdance Gorilla? If you have, you’ve probably also seen how that simple video totally blew up and was featured just about everywhere on the internet.

So how can you get your videos to go viral? Look for clues here…


Infographic – 12 Unusual Hacks to Write FASTER

You’ve just finished your latest blogpost – yeah!

Problem is, it only took you 6 DAYS to do it. Ouch.

Would you like to change that to 6 hours? Or maybe 60 minutes? Here are 12 hacks for doing exactly that:


Tiny Market, Huge Audience

Seth Godin writes that while we all want an audience of millions, you’ll never engage with your audience that way. By trying to please everyone, you are in fact pleasing no one.

Instead, you’ve got stake out the smallest market you can imagine, and then become the irreplaceable, essential, one-of-a-kind changemaker for that small market.

And once you have your eyes firmly focused on that minimum viable audience, your quality, your story and your impact will get better.

Only THEN will word spread and you’ll see your audience grow.


15 Discomforts that Lead to Success

If you always stay in your comfort zone, you won’t grow. So can you handle some uncomfortable things in the name of success? I think you can.

By the way, my personal favorite is number 12 - Go ahead, get in over your head. The water’s fine…


10 Tips for Professional Audio Quality

You can have a great video or podcast, but if your audio is terrible, no one is going to pay attention.


For the Fun of It – 20 of the Worst Typos Ever

Some of these will have you laughing out loud…


And much much more...

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July 2017 Issue 07 Nomad Internet Marketing Magazine.
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July 2017 Issue 07 Nomad Internet Marketing Magazine.
This issue is chock full of great marketing tips, case studies and numerous great internet marketing news articles.
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